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2 installation steps

The soft rubber shell is sheathed outside the framework, the upper extension part of the hip skin is sheathed inside the soft shell, the breast pad is filled inside the skin, and the LR is confirmed to be correct. The skin is sheathed outside the soft rubber shell, the neck limit ring is sheathed on the neck bone, the neck is pinched to install the head, the arm is installed, and finally the position is adjusted.

*The neck bone needs to be adjusted and tightened with a screwdriver, which can improve the supporting force of the neck.

**If it is necessary to expand the movable range, it is recommended to cut 1 / 2 of the upper part of the hip with scissors, and remove the burr at the same time to prevent sharp edges.

3 use guide

Dust can be removed with stationery tape, or talcum powder wipe, washing can also be.

Pay attention to the movable range during use. After using the soft chest, the clavicle part can be twisted back and forth. Neck movable range increased significantly

The filling material of the chest has different functions. The hard type supports the clothing, while the soft type adjusts the handle. The default softness takes both into account.

Please refer to the manual for details.



4 precautions

*Avoid sharp tools, sharp nails, excessive squeezing and tearing. The warranty card has considerable value. Please keep it. Please refer to the instruction manual for use scenarios.

*For the trace left by extrusion for a period of time, you can knead some areas of the trace with your fingers to speed up the recovery and gradually increase the applied pressure

*Neutral detergent and water, alcohol can be used for cleaning, paint remover and other highly corrosive liquids can not be used, and talcum powder is required after cleaning.

*If it is found that the insertion of the lumbar spine into the chest bone is loose. Even the problem of upper and lower body looseness. Through comparison old and new body, this problem is machining error of Volks's production. DD2 and part of DD3 are closely. Some of DD3 have such production errors. The corresponding treatment method we provide is: use toothpick to paint a very small amount of strong quick drying glue, evenly apply a thin layer of glue on the left and right sides of the inserting rod, pay attention to avoid the gap in the middle, and place for 1 hour, It can be used after being completely dried, which can significantly increase the strength of plug-in. If the strength is insufficient, an additional layer can be applied.

The above content is abstract. Please refer to the manual for details, Q & A, etc.


Wersaze & living art&industrial design v2019.12.16


 new generation of soft chest parts for dolls

"MK-III" series products Manual

machine translation Test version

Thank you for purchasing this product, this manual is designed for our "MK-III" (also known as mk3) series of soft chests

 *Temporarily use the DD dollfiedream body as an installation demonstration and instructions for the installation steps.


The list of included parts

Soft chest skin X 1 

  Standard soft chest pad X 1 pair (standard softness can be adapted to most clothing)

  Rubber soft support shell X 1 (translucent or light green)

  Rubber neck limit ring X 1 (set at the bottom of the neck hook to keep dolls head position is correct)

  Transport support X 1 (simplified support effectively reduces transport weight and cost)

Note: If the user has special needs, the inclusion may increase or decrease


1 Installation instructions

1.1 Preparation with soft chest

1.1.1 Open the box

*The packing box of the new product has a tamper proof seal, which is designed to prevent the express delivery opening the seal without permission

*After the box is opened, the possible taste of plastic comes from the newly produced resin support. The soft chest products have no taste, stable material properties, and safe skin contact. Please feel free to use them, but it is not recommended to try to eat them.

1.1.2 Apply with baby powder

Before use, be sure to use powder to apply soft chest skin and chest pad, pay attention to the inside and outside should be applied, the first timeyou need to use enough powder, it can eliminate surface static electricity, reduce friction, help to wear off clothing.

 If it it possible, please use a screwdriver before gently tightening screws on the DD neck skeleton, so that the support force is increased, can make the head position more stable.

 *Powder can be selected for infant and children' items, not recommended to use sporting talcum powder.

* The frequency of powder smear, etc. please refer to the ash cleaning section


1.2 Mount the soft chest on the puppet body

1.2.1 Split Puppet

This kind of puppet character body is fixed by docking mode, the structure is simple and solid, when splitting pay attention to the direction of force, first slowly twist ingel joint, confirm that the joint is not stuck after death, pull out hard, the torso and limb separation.

After separation, remove the skeleton assembly inside the hard skin chest and replace it

Note that DD Japanese monotonome processing may cause some hard shell surface residual burrs, will cause soft chest damage, check the protrusion sharper objects that come into contact with the soft chest surface, etc., when ever using scissors or nail cutters to remove

1.2.2 Installing chest pads

      Chest pad area, the newly made chest pad has been marked LR, please correspond to the description of the picture, first the chest pad installed inside the soft chest skin, corresponding to the concave shape, the correct installation, the shape should be non-sudden.

  The default comes with a standard soft chest pad, softness for most scenes, while maintaining a soft meat feel, can effectively support the clothes,

For softer chest pads, it gives you the best feel, soft than the human body, but sometimes it doesn't support your clothes effectively.

 If you need a softer chest pad, you will have to pay an additional custom fee of RMB 50 RMB, if you need to buy different soft chest pads, the base price for each additional pair of chest pads is a pair of 150 yuan RMB.

1.2.3 Installing rubber soft support housing

Rubber soft support shell is a strong protective shell, can be used to protect the soft chest skin to avoid, hip hard skin damage. Before the rubber soft support shell is installed, it is necessary to combine the inner frame of the chest with the spine of the hips, noting that the right direction is the neck hook pointing toward the puppet's back.

Install the rubber soft support shell and adjust the relative position of the components to ensure that the upper edge of the chest skeleton and hip hard skin is stuffed into the support shell. If you notice a barrier to movement, we recommend that you remove some of the hip stoic sand.

This does not affect the hip function, detailed instructions on cutting the skin, you can see later.

1.2.4 Installing soft breasts

Combine the soft chest skin and chest pad on the installed rubber soft support shell and the body combination

You need to note that during this process, the tip of the elbow tip of the neck skeleton may cause obstruction, adjust the position to avoid forcibly installing damage to the soft chest skin.

After proper installation, the holes connecting the arm should be positioned to coincide, and the midline of the chest should correspond to the co-location

1.2.5 Complete the puppet combination

Pinch the shoulder, insert the arm lightly, and gradually push it into the correct position

Place the rubber neck limit ring on the neck skeleton hook, then pinch the upper part of the neck and insert it into the head, then adjust the soft chest position to get the combination done.

If the head interface is too tight, you can heat it slightly with an electric blow or use a knife to cut in the side wall, 1-2mm deep.

If you order a soft chest size is large (XXL and larger), the soft chest skin is affected by the gravity of the chest pad, it will change the shape of sagging, which is normal

If the lumbar spine is found to be inserted into the chest bone, the insertion is loose. Even the upper and lower body loose problems. After comparison, this problem is volks production batch error, dd2 hormone and part of the dd3 hormone body this part of the connection is very tight, part of dd3 there is such a production error, we provide the corresponding disposal method is: the use of toothpicks to take a very small amount of strong quick dry glue, in the insertion rod on the left and right side uniform lying a very thin layer of glue, Pay attention to avoid the middle gap, place for 1 hour, to be thoroughly dry can be used, can significantly increase the insertion force. If the strength is insufficient, you can add another layer.


1.3 Stripping off clothes

1.3.1 Choose clothing

Clothing should correspond to the size of the soft chest

If you have a particular preference for a certain type of clothing, please choose the soft chest size according to the clothing size.

1.3.2 Wearing a costume

Wearclothing should pay attention to accessories, zippers, etc. may be in the sharp parts, for zippers,

It is recommended that the user place a thin cloth between the zipper and the skin.

Wear looser clothing, such as a dress, when wearing it for a long time

Tights and other clothing, can be worn for a short time, do not wear long-term

If you leave a mark on the soft chest self-recovery related content, please refer to the soft chest maintenance method section

1.3.3 Take off your costume

After long-term wear clothing, when taking off clothing may have a soft chest surface friction is very large, please slow operation. For maintenance, please refer to the Soft Chest Maintenance Methods section


2 Soft chest maintenance method


2.0 About skin elasticity

Our products have excellent elasticity, safe stretch rate within 300%, the limit of 400%

Flexibility requirements that go well beyond normal activity.

Do not prank stretch ingress local edges beyond the limit range.

But even so, when using knife, sharp, nail, prime and clothing zippers, sharp objects, surface burrs may cause damage to the soft chest surface, it is recommended that the user put a thin cloth between the zipper and the skin.

2.1 Dusting

Soft chest material material excellent material, long-term to maintain dry.

After a period of use will be dusted on the surface, please use commercial stationery transparent tape to stick dust, or use powder to apply local, wipe off the surface dust, recommended 20-30 days to apply powder once.

If the air humidity is very high, will affect the surface of the body powder to keep dry, if the surface friction of the skin is not large, you can not apply the body powder.

2.2 Decontamination 

 Some stains cannot be glued with tape, can be removed with a small amount of medical alcohol, note that body makeup coating position is not recommended for use alcohol.

 If there is a lot of dust, such as unclean, please remove the solid body to remove the soft chest, with water and neutral detergent, gently wash, use a soft cloth to absorb dry water, dry after applying powder can be used,

Do not rub the surface hard with a rub-over of the cladding sandpaper.

2.3 Indentation recovery:

After a period of time wearing underwear or tight clothing can cause soft chest temporarily left marks, shallow indentation in a few hours self-recovery, medium indentation in 24 hours can be self-recovered, depth of about 1mm indentation can be artificially assisted in 2 to 3 days roughly recover,

Artificial assist method: pinch the indentation and peripheral parts several times with your fingers to help the indentation recover. If the recovery process is slow, you can increase the pressure level of your fingers appropriately and knead them over time.

:: Loose type clothing can be worn for a long time, but since the soft chest is not an organism similar to human skin, it is not recommended to wear SM. binding clothing for long periods of time, tied type of clothing, in the test, maintain squeeze for about 3-5 days, the surface can be recovered.

2.5 Anti-staining capacity

   Our soft chest has the ability to resist dyeing products, in most of the case of volks skin dyeing, soft chest can not be affected or slightly affected, soft chest surface small range of light color migration, can gradually fade in a few days or weeks spread away, this is the characteristics of my soft chest, this is the characteristics of soft chest, The removal process can be accelerated by the moderate use of low-corrosive solvents such as alcohol. However, highly corrosive liquids such as delacorisors can not be used.

 In use there are a small number of clothing cloth caused by color migration, we have verified that the dye is not qualified caused, this kind of cloth is also harmful to human skin, not recommended to use, be sure to use before washing to confirm the situation. These fabrics are dyed with inferior dye, and there are problems with the dyeing process, for example: sweat on the hands can also lead to decolorization, the cloth after several washing, but also obviously discoloring.

2.6 Other Precautions

Regarding the use temperature, it is recommended not to be below minus 20 degrees of the environment, too cold environment will lead to reduced elasticity, frequent movements, may lead to adverse consequences, of course, at low temperature, before the soft chest damage, the experience of first damage.


3. Expandable features

Body makeup coloring service

About body makeup, the early stage will have a trial body makeup to some users, found problems and improvements, later as an additional fee items to provide users with choice, the new body makeup has good elastic adhesion, durability is better, not violent removal of the coating.

  During the test, the improper force will hurt the surface of the outer skin during the process of strong scraping removal of the coating.

Body makeup is a semi-permanent coating, with a certain wear resistance, adhesion is strong. Official service charges 60 yuan per time

The effect of body makeup may be because the surface is covered with powder, and reduce color expression, if necessary, can use a cotton swab water gently remove surface dust.

It is also recommended to apply a layer of color less colorless transparent baby oil to improve color expression. No body makeup can be removed using alcohol, etc., if the individual can not be removed can be sent back to our free disposal.

4. Warranty after-sales terms

The warranty card and the unique code above are very important, as the voucher for after-sales replacement service is of considerable value, be sure to keep it properly. Details of the warranty terms are subject to the description on the warranty card. Changes are subject to change without notice

The following needs to be noted when making warranty:  

 1. Contact us in advance, you can send us back by mail, Taobao, QQ message, and provide basic information that needs to be repaired, after we are sure that they can be repaired.

 2. The following parts must be included in the return package: transparent plastic box, plastic support, soft chest piece, as well as warranty card and return address collection information.

The skin should be placed correctly on the support, if the support is lost, an additional price of 30 yuan.

Please leave a message for enquiries if you have any questions.

The return address receipt information should be clearly written on paper or behind the warranty card.

:: Friends outside the mainland should not guarantee the price of the mail, should indicate less than US$20, if the price of the purchase caused by the resumption of transit customs duties, should be borne by the sender.

5.Contact us

Thank you for your patient reading, thank you for your support, if you have comments or suggestions, you can leave a message to us, or add our Chinese blog, we will be there to update the message .
























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